Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So......we have been assigned a social worker and he will be doing our individual interviews with us on Wednesday the 17th at 9am. Please pray for us as I'm a little nervous....the interview will be around an hour and a half long and I am terrible with words and answering questions. I'm not so nervous about talking to him just about what might come out, I tend to get a little tongue tied. :) Danny will do great, I'm not worried about him at all. He feels at ease with anyone, he'll probably be best friends with this guy before the interview's over. :) I'll post next week about how it all went. Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Adoption Update!

I haven't posted in awhile about the adoption process so I'll fill you in on what's going on. A few weeks ago our application with AZ agency was approved which we were very excited about. So for the most part all the paperwork is done for them....for now. I still have to take a CPR class but I actually found one that I'll be able to take online, very cool!! That will save me having to be gone for about 4 hours on a saturday. I can just complete it at home, on my time and even in my Pj's if I want to. :), then we started working on everything for our CA agency which consisted of classes, lots of paperwork, forms notorized, fingerprints, etc. Well, on Wednesday we turned everything in to them. Can we say HURRAYYYYY!!!!!!! Now the next step is we will be assigned a social worker who will do individual interviews with us and then the Home Visit. After that they will compile our information and write up our "Home Study" which will then be sent to Korea. Then, we wait..................:)

It's amazing to think that our baby is probably born and thousands of miles away. Our prayer is that our child is loved and cared for until the day the Lord brings us together as a family in His perfect timing. Please keep our family as well as our new child in your prayers. Thank you to everyone for your continued support throughout this.

Have a happy weekend,

Here's a sneak peek at some photos that my friend Amber took of our family. I'll be posting more soon.