Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Physicals Are Done!!!

This week Carla and I had to get our physicals done for the adoption process which is a requirement. And believe it or not Carla is almost done with her autobiography so we can then turn in our HUGE application to Dillon Southwest in Arizona. Since we live in California, we now will have to go through another adoption agency called Family Connections in California and do all the same paperwork again which should be a piece of cake the second time around, lol.

I know it's kind of confusing that we are going through two different agencies but Dillon Southwest does the placement of the child and Family Connections does our home study which is basically like a background check, well sort of. We will be attending two meetings with Family Connections during October and then be assigned a social worker.

And by the way Carla and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary today. Happy Anniversary Carla, I love you!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Two years ago our precious "miracle Boy" came into the world 12 weeks early. Looking at him now you would never know he was a tiny 3 pound baby. Those first couple months were very hard yet we were so happy and thankful for our little boy. We were so blessed to have our family and friends surrounding us with love and support during that time. The Lord gave us such a special kind of peace and comfort during those two months in the hospital. We thank Him every day for Logan and the blessing he is, what joy he brings to our family. God is good!!

We celebrated his birthday with both of our families. Thank you everyone who came and celebrated with us. We missed you Uncle Jon Jon, Auntie JoJo and Uncle Bubsy!!! Logan had such a good time and he LOVED all of his presents! :)

We also celebrated Danny's 30th birthday. As a surprise I invited some friends to come over after Logan's party to celebrate with Danny. We had LOTS of cake. It was a very busy and fun filled day. Thank you again to everyone who came, Danny was very surprised and loved every minute of it.

Still no adoption news to post about. I'm afraid I'm holding things up by not finishing my 10 page autobiography which is part of our application. I guess you can pray about that for me, that I stop procrastinating and start writing. Once that is finished and we both get our medical reports(we have appointments this week with the Dr.) then we can finally turn in our application.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guess Who's turning 30????

Today my amazing husband is 30 years old......I can't believe it!!! We met almost 14 years ago when we were just kids in high school, seems like so long ago. We were high school sweethearts and he is still the love of my life. Thank you Danny for being the most wonderful husband that a woman could ask for. You always make me laugh and you are the greatest dad to Olivia and Logan. Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're Home!!!

Well, we got home on Monday afternoon. We had an amazing time. It was a weekend full of information but also very relaxing. We met with the Director of our agency on friday afternoon for about 3 hours with another couple from CA who are also just starting the process for a Korean adoption. She is a very nice lady and we can tell she has a huge heart for the children and loves what she does. Our agency is very small, only about 5 women working there. They place children with AZ families and families in CA on a case-by-case basis. We are so thankful to be working with them. Some of the larger agencies have at least a two year wait but with ours it will probably only be around a year(could be shorter, could be longer). So, friday was just spent with the Director where we were able to ask her any questions we were dying to ask. Saturday morning was the meat of the training. We met at the agency at 9 in the morning where there were about 8 other couples. There were two other families from CA and the rest were from AZ. Again we were all able to ask questions and they then just went over the process of adopting from Korea. Lots and lots and lots of info, I can't even begin to tell you what we learned. Very good info though, they went over everything.
For lunch they took us to a Korean restaurant. I must say I was a little afraid to try some of the things placed before me but everything was actually very good. I have never tried Korean food before but we were very glad we did. I'm sure we'll be eating Korean food a lot more in the future, everyone needs to try it. Maybe I'll be making it in my own kitchen someday, who knows. :) The Korean culture is going to be a huge part of our lives now so we intend to incorporate a few things from that culture.
After we came back from lunch(this was my favorite part) we were able to meet a couple who had just adopted their first child a few months before. They brought him along and let me tell you he was an ADORABLE little boy. He was so good, he just played in the middle of the room while we all gazed upon him as we questioned the very helpful parents......Oh, he was so cute!!
When they had gone a group of adult Korean adoptees came in and again lots of questions and answers, very helpful. I loved hearing their stories and life experience's regarding growing up as adopted children. The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping, shopping and eating......it was very relaxing! The weekend made Danny and I all the more excited to begin this journey knowing that this is what the Lord wants us to do. Please keep praying for us because now we're up to our necks in paperwork. I'm somewhat of a procrastinator so I've been putting off my 10-12 page autobiography so once that's done we'll be able to turn in our application and move on to the next step. Thank you for all your emails and comments we love and appreciate them SO much!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Arizona Trip!

Hello everyone this is Danny. I have officially reached geek status since I am blogging now. For you that don't know, we are going through an adoption agency (Dillon Southwest) in Arizona. There is an orientation/training meeting coming up so we will be in Scottsdale Arizona from Sept. 4th through the 8th. It looks like the flu may be going around the Sauer family so pray that Carla and I are healthy at least during our trip, lol. Carla an I are so thankful to have great parents that are going to babysit Olivia and Logan while we are gone. God is already providing during this process. We have been generously provided a place to stay while in Scottsdale! Please pray for a safe trip.