Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Physicals Are Done!!!

This week Carla and I had to get our physicals done for the adoption process which is a requirement. And believe it or not Carla is almost done with her autobiography so we can then turn in our HUGE application to Dillon Southwest in Arizona. Since we live in California, we now will have to go through another adoption agency called Family Connections in California and do all the same paperwork again which should be a piece of cake the second time around, lol.

I know it's kind of confusing that we are going through two different agencies but Dillon Southwest does the placement of the child and Family Connections does our home study which is basically like a background check, well sort of. We will be attending two meetings with Family Connections during October and then be assigned a social worker.

And by the way Carla and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary today. Happy Anniversary Carla, I love you!!!

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wisesower said...

Happy Anniversary you two! You guys are such good examples!!
Way to go Carla, you're almost there with the writing!