Sunday, September 21, 2008


Two years ago our precious "miracle Boy" came into the world 12 weeks early. Looking at him now you would never know he was a tiny 3 pound baby. Those first couple months were very hard yet we were so happy and thankful for our little boy. We were so blessed to have our family and friends surrounding us with love and support during that time. The Lord gave us such a special kind of peace and comfort during those two months in the hospital. We thank Him every day for Logan and the blessing he is, what joy he brings to our family. God is good!!

We celebrated his birthday with both of our families. Thank you everyone who came and celebrated with us. We missed you Uncle Jon Jon, Auntie JoJo and Uncle Bubsy!!! Logan had such a good time and he LOVED all of his presents! :)

We also celebrated Danny's 30th birthday. As a surprise I invited some friends to come over after Logan's party to celebrate with Danny. We had LOTS of cake. It was a very busy and fun filled day. Thank you again to everyone who came, Danny was very surprised and loved every minute of it.

Still no adoption news to post about. I'm afraid I'm holding things up by not finishing my 10 page autobiography which is part of our application. I guess you can pray about that for me, that I stop procrastinating and start writing. Once that is finished and we both get our medical reports(we have appointments this week with the Dr.) then we can finally turn in our application.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!!

Aunt Nell said...

What a great blog! Looking forward to keeping on your adoption!! :) Best wishes and Gods glory in the process!
><> Shanelle