Friday, May 29, 2009


Oh we just love this precious little girl. I cannot believe how big she's getting and how much she's changed. We think she is adorable!!!! :)

The Director of our agency was in Korea again this month and came back with a few new pictures and a video. We were so excited to receive that package in the mail, we have watched it many many times.

We also got a little bit of information on her as well. They say she sits well, crawls quickly, tries to pull herself up, babbles and says "omma and appa." She loves music and plays well with toys. She weighs 8.9kg which I think is around 19lbs and is 67cm tall. They also told us the foster mom loves her very much and cries everyday when she thinks about her leaving her.....this just breaks my heart. She is also very close to the foster daughter who is in high school.

We were hoping to travel in June but unfortunately it'll probably now be in July. :( We just found out that her paperwork in just now being processed in Korea which could take a month to get approved and then she still has to get her visa and passport. :( I'm bummed and very sad but I know there is nothing we can do but continue to wait for her. I know she'll be home in God's perfect timing but waiting is still VERY difficult. I had been told that this part was the hardest but didn't realize just how hard until now. It's in God's hands...not mine and that is so comforting. He knows exactly when she'll be home. I'm just getting alittle anxious and stir crazy, well.......ALOT anxious and stir crazy! Haha!! :) I need to post this verse all over my house and give everything over to Him.
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6
Please pray with us that she comes home quickly!! Thank you again for your support and prayers.


The Grover's said...

We are praying with you and for you as you wait for your precious little girl. She is absolutely beautiful.

Sunnymama said...

She is just precious! I bet that it's hard to see her face and not be able to hold her. I am getting more anxious too!

Anonymous said...

Danny & Carla....My heart aches for you as you wait for your baby girl, but you are right, God's timing is perfect! Avery is 3 months younger than Lucy and I have to tell you that she reminds me of Lucy! A little bit in her eyes and cheeks. I am so proud of you guys and look forward to meeting this new cousin of ours! Yay! PTL!
Love, Danielle (Posthumus)Bohr

Trishia Filbrun said...

How exciting to have new pictures and a video too :) I know it is so hard to wait upon the Lord sometimes... I too have that verse memorized and think of it often!
It's comforting to know that it is all in God's hands, and that all we have to do is trust in Him and be patient, but that's easier said than done! We will pray for you guys.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Oh, what a sweetie pie!

Praying that you're holding her very very soon!

candice said...

Wondering if you have heard any news yet?
Hoping and praying that your sweet baby girl comes soon!!!