Friday, July 24, 2009


Praise the Lord!! We have waited a VERY long time for this day to come and we could not be more thrilled and overjoyed!! We FINALLY get to meet our baby. Wow!! I still can't believe the time has come.

We received our Travel Call on Tuesday morning. We just purchased our tickets yesterday and we'll be leaving SF on Tuesday the 28th and will be returning on Monday, August 3rd. There's so much to do: packing, cleaning, getting the kids ready, spending time with the kids, making phone calls, making appointments. I think I'll get it all done even though I'm running in circles. My brain isn't working properly at the moment. :)

We'll will try and update everyone while we are there, whether it be by blog, email or Facebook, I'm not to sure. I think we'll have access to a computer while we are there. We are staying at Eastern Social Welfare Society which is the agency on South Korea. So all of our meetings with Averi will be in the same building.....Oh, our meeting with Averi. We will meet her for the first time on Thursday at 10am!!!!! So, in less than a week we will have our baby in our arms.......Yipee!!!! Somebody pintch me!! :)

Our prayer was that we would meet her before her first birthday, well.....she'll be 1 on August 14th. Thank you Jesus!!!

Praise God!!

Thank you all again for your support and prayers. Please, if you have any questions feel free to ask or send me an email. I promise I will try to update soon.


Trishia said...

Praise God!! We are so excited for you and your family! Can't wait to hear more as you get to meet her and bring her home! How exciting!

Tina said...

Wonderfula amazing news! Your on your way to get your beautiful daughter!

Catherine said...

Yaaaay! This is EXCITING news! I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm so happy for you.