Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hey everyone,

First of all, to those of you waiting for an update of some sort last week......I apologize. I had tried to upload a few photos while we were in Korea but for some reason it wouldn't let me so I did my updating on my Facebook profile. Now that we're home I keep telling myself I need to update my blog but can't seem to find the time. We are still recovering from jet lag and are so very exhausted on top of having a precious but grieving new baby. I'm just going to post a few pictures for now(because I know that's what you all want to see anyways) and then I'll write an update soon........hopefully!!! :) We are doing well though, had an AMAZING time in Korea and are very happy to be home, finally a family of five. Averi is doing well, she's still grieving pretty hard for her Foster mom but we expected this and are compforting her the best we know how. We're just loving on her, kissing her and telling her how much we love her and that she is now with her forever family. More details to come........thank you all so so much for all your comments, messages and prayers. We appreciate them very much!!

Date night with the kids the night before we left

View from our window

First meeting with Averi....she didn't like us so much. :)

2nd meeting.....still didn't like us very much.


Goodbye Ceremony.....very emotional!

Meeting her brother and sister for the first time, finally all together!!

I tried to get one of the three kids but this is about the best that I could get, I'll keep trying. :)


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures! Olivia looks very much in love with her new baby sweet. Thanks for sharing. Praying for you all! - Joy

Auntie Di said...

Love the newest pics! She is just so beautiful. I hope you get a chance to take a nap once in a while. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Zeke is in his baby carrier on my back looking at the pictures of Averi - he's blowing her kisses :)
So happy you're home with your sweet baby! God bless you all! Paul and Debbie Stanley

JBean said...

Thank you so much for the updates. It looks like you both enjoyed yourselves in Korea. I can't imagine the emotions you went through while you were there. Praying that you find rest during your transition and your little girl finds peace and comfort in knowing she is with her forever family.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Averi!! Thank you for the update Carla! She is beautiful, and I cried and cried as I looked at your pictures! :) Praising God that your all home safe, and continuing to pray for your family as you all adjust!
Much love- Melissa, Keith & Grady

Anonymous said...

Sweet! You guys have been blessed! We are so thankful Averi is home. God Bless you all!

Love, Patrick, Paula, Cali & Brant